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Surprises are alway awesome

Last night, was amazing. After wrapping up a birthday gathering at her parents house, my friend picked the next destination so the good vibes wouldn't end so early. I have to say - I'm still so excited about her choice. The sound guy at the bar my friend is employed at had a going away event planed there, and we arrived just a few minutes before the last band was to perform. We wiggled our way up to the front as usual and after about one song I had that 'I know this guy' feeling overwhelm me. I asked the birthday girl if she had heard of a band that I thought the front man had been affiliated with but she was unsure. I turned to my friend, who's musical diversity and knowledge far exceeds mine that we had bumped into at the show if he knew the band. He proceeded to open his unbuttoned flannel to reveal a tee-shirt that read "Old Time Relijun" - the exact band I had been speaking of. I was floored that I had just stumbled into the show of ARRINGTON DE DIONYSO.

Needless to say, as a long time fan, I was pleased and not at all disappointed in the performance. I was elated, actually. I have not seen that MANY people move their bodies, and move them as much as they did in this city, at this show, in a VERY long time. Wonderful!

I know this may not be everyone's cup of tea... but you know... I'm strange.

The sound on this one isn't great - but it really captures the performers well (although it was only a different female-drummer and the bassist w. Arrington last night)- not to mention, the crowd shots are pretty hilarious.

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