It's me, and maybe you, together.



Quite honestly- hearing about what crappy music your girl is listening to over and over is becoming a bit of a bore. We get it, you're awesome. You are in 'the know' with all the sweet new rockin tracks and are on the hunt for the next big thing.  Your lady friend could care less and you feel the need for man love.  WE GET IT.  But, please, stop twirling your bitches around us to parade around yet another one of your big wins in the battle of wit, and relax a little on the girlfriend thing. You picked 'em - not our problem. (And, you needn't bash them to enjoy what you dig in your VIP music space, jeepers!).

In spirit of real-talk, here are some old school ladies who certainly wouldn't have let you take them for a spin, unless you're in your dancin' shoes, maybe.

Dolly Mixture


Delta 5

The Slits

***Note, Still working out SEVERAL kinks to the blog, be patient with me, pretty plz :) ***

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